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Question: Can we work on literacy activities at home with our child?

Answer: Absolutely. Intervention is a family effort. Progressive Education Solutions will create an understandable and quick way for you to spend 10-15 minutes supporting our target focuses.

Question: Will the tutoring environment support noise sensitivity?

Answer: We have private office space that has various seating options and a quiet and comfortable setting for learning.


Question: Can I view an intervention session?

Answer: We encourage this. We are fortunate to have a space with one-way glass for parents to observe our strategies and not distract the child's focus.


Question: Is tutoring covered under our Extended Health Benefits if our child is not eligible for supplemental autism funding?

Answer: Yes, it depends on your service provider and the maximum service amounts. Progressive Education Solutions can work directly with your heath provider to provide them with applicable documentation.

Question: Where do tutoring services take place?

Answer: At the InVue Condominium Complex offices on the first floor at 2040 Springfield Road, Kelowna.

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