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Dyslexia & AUTISM LITERACY Tutoring

Our Approach

The foundation to a child's academic success is based on their ability to read at grade level. When children start to fall behind in their reading achievement, they often become frustrated and develop a sense of failure.  These feelings can also have a significant impact on their self-esteem and children can quickly loose the joy of learning. 

We have worked one on one with children in grades one to six over the last decade assisting them with reading strategies during our intervention sessions. In addition, we continue to further expand our expertise in our Associate Level Certification with the Orton Gillingham Academy.

We have developed a comprehensive literacy intervention model to transform the child's confidence and competencies as a successful reader and writer to support their success in school. Every component of this model is based on recent research and best practices facilitated by experts in the field.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Literacy Intervention Program

Literacy Intervention Program

Student Profile
We work exclusively with children who are diagnosed with autism with average intelligence and children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. In specific circumstances, we will accept students that have been identified by School-Based Teams and are pending Level C psycho-educational testing.

Free Consultation
Our team will meet with the family to discuss all aspects and components of our tutoring service prior to confirming services.

Intervention is a family effort
The role of parents/ caregivers in the success of the child's reading progress during intervention is paramount. First and foremost, parents need to accommodate busy schedules to get their child to weekly tutoring sessions. In addition, parents are involved in home reading rituals and are an integral part of the assessments and progress feedback meetings. 

Frequency rather than duration
From experience and research-based findings, frequency of intervention sessions is more than the duration of the sessions. Optimal number of tutoring sessions are 3 times a week. The sessions will last between 40-50 minutes depending on the child's stamina. Minimum number of sessions recommended per week is two.


Length of Intervention
This varies dependent on the child's specific learning needs and other factors. From experience, children should make visible gains when the optimal number of weekly sessions are maintained over a 12-16 week continuous timeframe. At any point during the process, if your child is not progressing at a rate that we are expecting, a parent meeting will be schedule immediately to discuss findings.

It is essential for our team to get a solid understanding of where your child is currently functioning in their literacy journey. This involves reviewing report cards, paraprofessional reports, and completing our own literacy assessments. All our tutors are qualified to administer Level B Psycho-educational testing. The compiled information will target our focus and teaching. Furthermore, tutors will document findings in every session, complete a mid-cycle report outlining progress and a final comprehensive report including outcomes and recommendations.



Pre-Service Thorough Academic Assessment & Report: $400


  • PM Benchmark Assessment

  • Sight Word Assessment

  • Woodcock-Johnson (WJ- IV)

  • Report Card Review

  • Consultation with school of registration

  • Psycho-educational Report Review (if applicable)

  • Paraprofessional Report Review

  • Complete report of findings and recommendations

  • Service Plan Process and Estimate


We have a standard $85 per session fee. Each session includes:

  • Face to Face Intervention – 1 hour

  • planning for each lesson – 30 minutes

  • Analyzing recorded session and – 30 minutes

  • Complete summative detailed notes.

  • Ongoing collaboration with school of registration

Autism Funding Unit

Autism Funding Unit

RZ Progressive Education Solutions is recognized by the AFU as a quality tutoring service and we bill directly to the Autism Funding Unit.
Our team will assist parents with their Request to Pay and Amendment documents to make the process easier.


"Rob facilitated a significant positive shift in our lives. His skill, knowledge and experience is unique and unparalleled in the Okanagan and likely in Canada. He has true empathy because he has insight as a parent and an educator. I no longer feel completely alone in school meetings. His guidance is direct and clear and brings me invaluable calm, because I know his perspective considers all parts of the multidisciplinary approach. He approaches every interaction with professionalism. His compassion and patience toward my son is humbling. I am in awe of his dedication and enthusiasm to help us."

- Rene - Grade 3 Parent

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