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Behaviour Intervention

Above Six Program

Therapeutic Recreation Social Skills/Self-Esteem Program:
Utilizing his skills as a Therapeutic Recreation Therapist, Rob provides children and youth with the opportunity to increase physical activity, build self-esteem, and learn new skills through activities by promoting physical health and well-being. Programming will be personally individualized based on child's abilities and preferences and run throughout the year. Program fees can be covered by the Autism Funding Unit.

Above 6 Program


Under 6 Program

The Kindergarten "Hands-Up" Transition Program has proved incredibly successful. The partnership between RZ Progressive Education Solutions and the West Kelowna Montessori Pre-School has led to a joint vision to provide children with Autism a caring and nurturing environment to thrive. Each student will be provided with an Individual Education Plan (IPP) that will guide their learning. In addition, parents will receive a Daily Log from the teacher after each session that will outline their child's learning adventure for the day.

Four and five year old students will develop and master new skills and be able to apply them with their neuro-typical peers within the program. When they arrive at their new kindergarten school, they will confidence and skills necessary for a successful transition.


"We were literally blown away by how impactful this program has been for our boy. Being on the spectrum we knew it would be a huge challenge for him to be in a public school without one-on-one support. This transition program was exactly what we needed. It taught our son to be on his own and make executive decisions about what to expect in the school. The BI support combined with Montessori philosophy provides the right environment for children to learn how to interact with their peers and handle the social challenges that come with being in a public school. This program is highly recommended for kids on the spectrum who need to learn how to attend kindergarten."


- Hands-Up Parent



Program facilitation fees can be fully covered by the Autism Funding Unit.


"Rob facilitated a significant positive shift in our lives. His skill, knowledge and experience is unique and unparalleled in the Okanagan and likely in Canada. He has true empathy because he has insight as a parent and an educator. I no longer feel completely alone in school meetings. His guidance is direct and clear and brings me invaluable calm, because I know his perspective considers all parts of the multidisciplinary approach. He approaches every interaction with professionalism. His compassion and patience toward my son is humbling. I am in awe of his dedication and enthusiasm to help us."

- Rene - Grade 3 Parent

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